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20 Twenty Digital Media Advertising offers EXTREMELY INEXPENSIVE ADVERTISING that is substantially more affordable compared to any of the print media options available for advertisers around your town and incredibly less expensive than anyone else in the digital media industry, bar none.

The 20/Twenty Digital Media Advertising....

In summary, what 20/Twenty does is hang flat screen TV's within locally well known, heavy traffic businesses in highly affluent cities that have sitting/waiting areas and show video advertisements on these TV's in the form of full screen video ads that are THIRTY (30) seconds long.

These silent, very dynamic video ads are typically in the form of up to 3-5 different frames with pictures, logos, and bullets that move and/or fade in and out. Our TV's range from 32 - 50 inches in size (none are smaller than 32"), are used exclusively for advertising all day long and are not hooked up to cable TV.

Featured Locations:

Moe's Southwest Grill Carvel UPS
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